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master list of my fiction

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This list includes all of my posted fanfiction, except for unfinished things and a few short pieces that I never even gave titles to. All my stories on LJ are also tagged; see the "fic" tags on my sidebar.

Within each category, stories are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top. I've included only the title and main characters here; see the header of each story for rating, any warnings, etc. Generally speaking, the first character listed is the POV character.

Please let me know if there are any problems with these links.

2013 Addendum: This post is no longer being updated. All of my newer stories and most of my old ones can be found at An Archive of Our Own, which has handy search features. They're also here on LJ and you can find them using my tags.

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I wrote a thing!

In a fandom I don't believe any of you are familiar with, alas. "The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock" is an occasional segment in the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. It's a sort of comedy steampunk time-travel adventure, with a strong strain of affectionate Doctor Who parody, some charmingly inept fake English accents, and pretty much canonical queerness. It's very silly and occasionally poignant, a tone I hope I've captured in my fic.

Here is a list of all the Tick-Tock segments, and here is where you can download them. If you listen to everything it's about three hours worth of material. Give it time to grow on you; I didn't like the early episodes but the character and the format both get much more interesting. If you want to skip some of the dead wood, I'd recommend listening to "Electric Rivalries" (TAH #31, the best of the early Tick-Tock bits), "Hey Caesar" (TAH #100, introduces some recurring characters and helps the next, excellent episode make more sense), "Mrs. Parker and the Doctaparatorious Paradox" (TAH #120, guest starring Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond on Doctor Who), "Horse Play" (TAH #154, in which Colonel Tick-Tock memorably meets Casanova), and most importantly, "Confederates" (TAH #174), which is the basis for my fic.

The Colonel Tick-Tock I envision looks nothing like the ridiculous Colonel Blimp figure from the Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel, which you can see at the link above to the list of episodes. Judging by other characters' reactions, he's actually dashing and attractive, so in my head he looks a lot like Captain Owen Triggers as played by Nicholas Jones in the old BBC series Wings; images at the linked post.

Title: Time Enough
Fandom: The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock (from The Thrilling Adventure Hour)
Characters: Colonel Tick-Tock/Bob McCrumbs, some special guest stars
Rating: Teen
Word count: 2473
Summary: Colonel Tick-Tock and Bob McCrumbs make history right (sort of) and discover something that's been there all along.
Notes: This can also be read here at AO3.

click here to readCollapse )

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if everyone else jumped off a cliff . . .

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. . . I too would join in the December posting meme.

Ask me almost anything (fandom-related or not), pick a date in December, and I'll try to post about it. However, because my internet access is not super reliable, I may miss the assigned date.

The only topic I'm going to refuse in advance is my job, because you don't really want to read another whiny post about how much I hate my job any more than I want to write another one. Any other subject is probably fine, and if you happen to ask a question I'm not comfortable answering, I'll just request a different question.

1: Melissa Scott's Points series ([personal profile] just_ann_now)
2: Queer subtext and queer text ([personal profile] lilacsigil)
5: My favorite animal and why (miss_morland)
7: What I like about classic British television (anonymous)
9: Something about baking bread ([personal profile] genarti)
10: My favorite herbs/spices/sauces ([personal profile] the_rck)
15: If I could design the perfect canon to be fannish about, what would it entail? ([personal profile] st_aurafina)
24: Favorite Christmas story/stories (sallymn)

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Today I treated myself to a movie and saw Pride, which I loved. It's the semi-fictionalized story of a group of gay and lesbian activists who worked in support of the striking miners in 1984-85 (and it's much, much more fun than that description makes it sound). If you've seen The Full Monty or Brassed Off you'll be familiar with a lot of the tropes, but really, "a group of disparate people work together against oppression and become friends in the process" is the kind of trope I can get behind. Plus, the movie refreshingly focuses on friendship and solidarity, and while there are established couples in the story, there's no central romance. (Though I did find myself rather shamefacedly shipping Mark/Dai.)

Other good points: 1) The story includes a fat woman whose weight is not in any way ever at all an issue. Isn't even mentioned, while her intelligence and courage are very important to the story. 2) The story is unabashedly political and doesn't feel any need to present the government and corporations' view. 3) It doesn't avoid difficult topics, like the increasing tension between lesbian and gay male activists or the growing AIDS epidemic, but these things never overwhelm the main story.

Also the performances are very strong. I especially like Andrew Scott as Gethin, Imelda Staunton as Hefina, and Paddy Considine as Dai. Dominic West nearly steals the show as Gethin's boyfriend Jonathan, and for once I actually liked Bill Nighy as Cliff.

I hope lots and lots of people will see this and start writing fanfic.

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another post of things

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1) Reading: I made a second attempt to scale the summit of Wade Davis's 600-page Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest, and succeeded this time. It didn't quite do what I wanted of it, or what the title promised. In the opening chapters Davis does a good job of establishing the 1920s Everest expeditions in the context of the war, colonialism, ideas of masculinity, etc., but then there's no follow-through. The book turns into a straightforward narrative of the 1921, 1922, and 1924 expeditions, and often with a rather odd focus to boot. Davis spends many many pages on the 1921 expedition, most of which involved trying to find a route to the mountain itself, and he follows every little side trip and false start in excruciating detail, whereas he writes much less about the 1922 and 1924 attempts to reach the summit, and the story of Mallory and Irvine's disappearance is compressed into about 15 pages.

Last time I tried to read this I complained about Davis's weirdness on the subject of sexuality, and that didn't get any better on re-read. More under the cutCollapse )

2) Listening: the anon meme (yes, I've started going there--there's a lot of good discussion on many fannish topics, and it's surprisingly well-modded) got me interested in The Thrilling Adventure Hour, so I've listened to the podcasts of "Captain Laserbeam" and "The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock." They're both comedy/parody: the former is a superhero story in which, among other things, the hero may be developing a romance with Philip Fathom, The Deep Sea Detective (who is not entirely unlike Nolanverse Batman); the latter features a sort of gay steampunk Doctor Who. If you check these out, give them long enough to grow on you. I was deeply underwhelmed by the early episodes of both, but both get better as they go on. I keep wishing there was video, though, because there are a lot of moments when clearly something very funny is happening onstage that the dialogue gives no hint of.

I might try the "Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars" segments next, though I'm not at all a fan of westerns or western tropes.

3) Cooking: on my most recent days off I made more bagels and also baked an apple pie, something I've never done before. Oddly I had more trouble with the bagels than last time; for some reason the dough came out stickier and they were harder to shape. The pie turned out pretty well, though I had some difficulty rolling the dough out big enough. Also, I had no idea how long it takes to peel, core, and slice ten apples. (Answer: a very long time. I was listening to "Captain Laserbeam" which helped alleviate the boredom, but still. A very long time.) I used honeycrisp apples, one of the most commonly recommended kinds for pie. They tasted nice and kept their shape well, but they were perhaps a little too crisp for me.

In a completely different culinary vein, I also made Korean vegetable stew with soybean paste. I only loosely followed the linked recipe: I again used a bonito and konbu dashi instead of the dried anchovies, and the vegetables I used were potato, kabocha squash, Korean daikon, onion, and some frozen broad (fava) beans for something green that would benefit from simmering. The latter may seem odd, but I've read that broad beans are widely used in China, so I figured it wasn't completely bizarre.

4) Yuletide: have reviewed canon. Am writing. Am over minimum word count, yay!

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Grantchester 1x05

under the cutCollapse )

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post of things

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1) Over the past couple of weeks, my job has gone from "ha ha, try to get enough hours to live on, sucker!" to "OMG SO MUCH WORK." This is because Christmas is, in retail-land, upon us. I'm glad for the hours but my feet hurt.

2) On my days off I made bagels! This is thanks to [personal profile] wisdomeagle, who directed me to this recipe. If I'd known how easy bagels were I'd have tried it ages ago! I used the brown sugar substitution for the malt syrupt, which I don't have, and made half plain bagels and half sesame bagels. They freeze pretty well, though they should probably either be toasted or reheated in an oven after thawing.

I also cooked braised pork ribs and kimchi, modifying the recipe here and there based on what I had on hand. I used a regular bonito dashi rather than anchovy dashi, regular kimchi that had been around for a bit in my fridge rather than the specially packaged "old kimchi," cayenne pepper instead of the Korean chili flakes (I used a little less than a full tablesoon), and omitted the jalapeno and green onion at the end. I'd have liked to include the green onion but I was out; I think the dish was quite spicy enough without the jalapeno. Though some googling tells me that the cayenne I used is much hotter than Korean chile flakes, so if you're using the right chiles, adding the jalapeno is probably fine. Anyway, despite the substitutions it was very nice.

3) Yuletide! I'm pleased with my assignment and have actually started writing. Hoping to avoid last-minute panics this year.

4) What I've heard about the most recent Doctor Who episode makes me glad I quit watching again. I think I probably won't give the show another try until Moffat is gone, because vague spoilersCollapse )

5) In happier fandom news, the new BBC show Grantchester is pretty enjoyable! And has canon queerness. The mystery plots are meh but it's worth it for the characters, in my opinion. Also the lead actor is awfully pretty, if that sort of thing appeals to you.

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recipe Friday (on Monday)

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On Thursday I accidentally cooked a pot roast. The accidental part was that I had originally intended to cook beef rendang, but then at the last second I found that I didn't have enough lemongrass. Nor did I have the time or energy to go out and buy more lemongrass, but the beef had been thawing in the fridge for a couple of days and needed to be cooked, so I improvised a pot roast based on what I had around (i.e. an onion, a stick of celery, some dried shiitake mushrooms, a few fragments of dried porcini mushrooms I found while looking for the shiitakes, and some sherry). So on Thursday I ate pot roast with mashed potatoes, then on one of the intervening days had some leftover pot roast over pasta, and tonight I made a sort of cottage pie with the remaining pot roast topped with the leftover potatoes. I was amused to realize it was in fact the same meal as on Thursday, only upside down. (But for some reason the pie tasted better than the original pot roast + potatoes. Maybe it's true that stews and braises get better--within reason--after they've been around a while?)

I still want to make beef rendang, but now I have no beef. I'll need to wait for beef chuck to go on sale again, I guess. Or beef short ribs, if I'm incredibly lucky. It's a dish I've wanted to try for years, in part because, while I love the idea of braised beef, I have seldom loved the thing itself. But to my taste it's very hard to go wrong with coconut milk and spices.

Speaking of braised beef, a while back I picked up some beef cheeks on sale. They're in the freezer, and I'm thinking of cooking them for Thanksgiving. Anyone have ideas for how to cook them that are more exciting than the usual "stew them in wine or beer" sort of thing? (I don't think they're suitable for beef rendang because they require v.v. long cooking.)

In other cooking news, I think I might try baking an apple pie on my next days off.

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Yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide writer,

First of all, thank you for writing for me. I'm thrilled that you share my interest in one of these fandoms, and I can't wait to read your story.

What follows is a little more information about what I like and don't like. But I want to say right away that I hope you will write a story you find interesting and enjoy writing, even if it goes in a different direction from the things I mention here. It could well turn out to be the story I didn't know I wanted.

click here for more information and my requestsCollapse )

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cooking and such

I cleaned my oven today. Also scrubbed the kitchen floor on my damn hands and knees. (There's an apartment inspection tomorrow. They'll only be going into random apartments, and I know that it's to make sure you're not living in filthy squalor, not to see if you qualify for the Clean Freak of the Year award, but I get paranoid. And on a practical level I try to use these things as motivation to do the cleaning I needed to do anyway. Yesterday I washed the windows!)

I also did a bit of cooking. I have some Khorasan wheat aka kamut that I picked up a while back because it was on clearance very cheap. There aren't a lot of recipes around for it, so I improvised what was meant to be a sort of jambalaya-ish thing only with Middle Eastern flavors. I added a little too much water so it was more like a stew, but it was still quite tasty. inexact recipe under the cutCollapse )

I also roasted some pears and made a caramel sauce. This is based on a recipe from one of James Peterson's books, but I don't have the book anymore and reconstructed from memory. What I did under the cutCollapse )

Both dishes felt very autumnal and wholesome. I've been eating a lot of junk food lately because I've been working more hours than usual and I feel awfully tired when I get home, so it was nice to have something home-cooked and full of grains and beans and veggies and fruit.

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Doctor Who 8x07, "Kill the Moon"

reactions under the cutCollapse )

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recipe Friday

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I spent a lot of my weekend (i.e. Wednesday and Thursday) cooking. I roasted a chicken on Wednesday and made chicken stock from the backbone--which I had cut out to roast the chicken flat--the giblets, and a bunch of accumulated chicken bones in the freezer, all simmered in a mixture of water and some commercial chicken broth. If I'd had meaty pieces of chicken I'd have left the commercial broth out, but with just bones I didn't think there'd be enough flavor otherwise.

Some of the chicken stock is in my freezer; I used the rest on Thursday to make a minestrone-ish soup. Here's what I did under the cutCollapse )

Also yesterday, I baked a flourless chocolate orange cake using Nigella Lawson's recipe. It's basically her clementine cake with some cocoa added. I also added a couple of ounces of melted dark chocolate, because cocoa is not chocolate and I wanted the cake to be chocolate. And since I don't have an 8 inch springform pan I used a 10 inch one and baked it for about 10 minutes less time. The result is very nice, chocolatey without being overwhelming and orangey without the bitter edge of the plain clementine cake. It does have that slightly crumbly/grainy texture of cakes made with almond meal and no flour; for me this is a feature not a bug, but not everyone agrees. (The linked recipe gives quantities in grams: US equivalents are 2 cups almond meal, 1 1/4 cups sugar, and 1/2 cup cocoa.) Oh, and don't do what I did and ignore the bit about lining the bottom of the pan (with baking parchment or silpat): the cake will indeed stick to a buttered nonstick springform pan.

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Got my noms in today.

Cloudburst At Shingle Street (Song). This is a song from Thomas Dolby's The Golden Age of Wireless. There aren't really any characters so I didn't nominate any.

Full Monty (1997): Gary "Gaz" Schofield, Nathan Schofield. I'd be happy to add other characters if anybody wants me to.

First World War RPF: Wilhelm II, George V, Nicholas II. I didn't like calling it First World War RPF, because I'd be happy with plenty of stories not set during the war, but the Yuletide mods in their infinite wisdom have decided they don't want any more broad categories like "20th Century CE RPF." And I couldn't think of a better name for what I did want. I thought of "Georgian Royalty RPF" but I kept thinking it made me sound like one of those people who buy royal wedding souvenirs. Anyway, there's a fourth slot in which I could add another character.

[personal profile] st_aurafina, you're still nominating Death by Silver, right?

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POI 4x01, "Panopticon"

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Reaction under the cutCollapse )

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Today after work I went to Whole Paycheck* to buy shampoo. (I can't stand the perfuminess of most shampoos, but WP has an own-brand one that's available unscented or in nice, light natural citrus and herbal scents that I like.) So anyway, as I was wandering through WP, looking at all the no doubt delicious but ridiculously expensive treats, I happened upon some locally grown peaches at a price that, while higher than regular supermarkets, wasn't outrageously so. They were ripe enough to be gently soft. They smelled like peaches. I couldn't resist. I bought one.

I ate it just now and was reminded that yes, I do sometimes like fruit. It wasn't even the best peach I've ever had--Washington DC, where I used to live, is southern enough to be good peach country--but it was still succulent and juicy and had flavor. I'd been forgetting what a peach is supposed to taste like, after bad experiences this summer with supermarket fruit that went mushy on the ouside while being weirdly hard/crisp inside and tasted like styrofoam that had been stored next to an open jar of artificial peach flavoring.

Yes, I know, I should shop at farmers' markets if I want good produce. But our local farmers' market is shockingly expensive and only open once a week at an inconvenient time for me.

I'm just happy I had my peach.

BTW, if you were wondering, the ankle is still hurting me a bit but is a lot better than it was. This is good, because hobbling around was getting tiresome.

*Note for the confused: "Whole Paycheck" is the not entirely affectionate nickname of a US chain of healthy/gourmet supermarkets. The name gives you a sense of their prices, which are all the more outrageous because they are relentless union-busters, but my god they carry beautiful fruits and vegetables.

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DW 8x03, "Robot of Sherwood"

I actually liked this one a lot. More under the cutCollapse )

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Sequel to my last post.

Financially I'm fine now, thanks to the generosity of some wonderful folks who were able to help, so I don't need anything more, or any signal boosting. Thank you!!!!

As for my ankle, the ace bandage seems, to my surprise, to be helping. The underlying pain is still there, but the sort of extra pain from the swelling is a lot less, which means that my ankle doesn't start to throb as soon as I lie down. I can sleep!!! Yay, sleep!

I did get another sudden fever-spike yesterday, where I was suddenly freezing and had to huddle under the blankets while my temperature rose. It worries me as those kinds of fevers have been a bad sign in the past. (This is relevant to my ankle because I still think I might actually have reactive arthritis, in which an infection triggers an autoimmune attack on a joint. I have a history of possibly a bit TMICollapse )

But anyway, I'm doing a bit better physically and much better emotionally. Thank you all for your help, your kind words, and your friendship.

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I should have known better, but today I took my sore ankle to the doctor despite having vowed to wait a few more days. I've only had about four hours of sleep a night for the last two nights because of pain, and this morning it was bad enough that I left work at 9 am to get to the urgent care as soon as it opened.

So they took some X-rays, and I sat and fretted about how the hell much this was going to cost while waiting for the results. Said X-rays revealed absolutely nothing. So the doctor is basically saying to me, "It's probably because you're fat"--which, I was expecting this, and I am fat, and I know that this puts stress on feet, ankles, knees, etc., but it's still hard to take. Also, I know what the general sorefootedness of working retail all day while fat feels like, and this is different.

Then she starts wanting to order a bunch of blood tests, most of which are just general "wellness" and "omg you're fat you probably have diabetes!" tests, and the only one related to my ankle is a test for, of all things, gout. I'll need to come in for the tests, she says, and then schedule an appointment with my "regular" doctor (whom I last saw in 2011 and only saw at all due to having been hospitalized that year) to follow up, and dollar signs are spinning merrily in front of me and I say, "Um, I don't have health insurance. I can't do that."

At this point the doctor (or nurse practitioner, I'm not sure) is somewhat irked that I hadn't said right away that I didn't have insurance (like it's my fault that their usual patient check-in person was absent and they decided to skip the form-filling until later). She says "Well, okay, I won't order the tests now, but you have to make an appointment to see your doctor. If you don't have health insurance, sometimes you just have to cough up the bucks."

At which point, because I've been sitting there worrying and worrying about money and hoping that my damn ankle's going to get better without expensive anything, I start to get teary.

Doctor: What's the matter? What's the matter? Crying won't help anything.
Me: *cries more, in embarrassment*

(Who says something like that? My god. I know it's hard to deal with crying people, but what an awful, awful response. And between the humiliation and my tiredness and pain, I still haven't entirely pulled myself together. I was sniffling all through the checkout while they totted up my bill, and now at home I'm crying more, damn it.)

So, anyway, the upshot is that they put an Ace bandage around my ankle, gave me a prescription for a gout drug on the off chance (I'll wait a week and see if things get better before I even consider filling it), and charged me $114 after applying all the discounts they possibly could. Oh, and gave me a strong recommendation to get signed up at the sliding scale clinic, which process involves--I'm not joking--calling them on one particular day a month at a particular time and hoping you'll be among the lucky winners of a slot.

My ankle feels no better and the rest of me feels a whole lot worse.

My boss is letting me take the rest of today and tomorrow off, which is good except for how I don't get paid sick time, and I've missed one day of work already.

Which brings me to this: a couple of hundred dollars would make a huge difference to me right now, and I don't have any family I can go to for help. I hate to have to ask for you folks' help again, but I don't see what else I can do. So if you're able to contribute a few dollars towards the care, feeling, and medical bills of a Kit, I would be very very grateful. My PayPal is Feel free to PM or email me (same email address) if you want more info about anything; I can explain why my job situation means I can't lose two and a half days' income, pay rent and car insurance and a $114 doctor's bill and still be able to eat, but I'd just as soon not do it in a public post.

Thanks again to anyone who is able to help, and thoughts of solidarity to anyone whose own finances mean they can't.

/distress call

Your regularly scheduled service of fannish musing and complaining will resume shortly.

ETA: Thank you all so much! I should be fine now financially, which is a huge relief. I'm crying again, but in the good way.

ETA 2: I'm screening all comments, which I should have done right away but I forgot.

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