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Xander's blue too

Here's my drabble for sunday100.

No More Pencils, No More Books

Fall always meant school supplies. In elementary school they felt like treasures--pencils, erasers, glue, markers and glitter and construction paper for art, maybe a Superman lunchbox.

No treasures for high school. Just pens, folders, college-ruled notebooks, a brown leather bookbag he found at Goodwill. A few new clothes from Wal-Mart when his dad was working; otherwise Goodwill again, and weeks of hoping that nobody at school would recognize a cast-off shirt on Xander's back.

This year there's no more school, no shopping trip. Stupid of him to miss that fall feeling.

The seasons change no matter what he feels.
Tags: fic: buffyverse, fic: drabbles
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