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Ficlet project: "Epilogue" (Northanger Abbey, PG)

Title: Epilogue
Fandom: Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen
Character: Catherine
Rating: G
Summary: Novels close when the heroine gets married.
Word count: 100
Written for: espresso_addict, who asked for a look at Catherine's post-marriage life.
Notes: I haven't tried to pastiche Austen's style here.

Novels close when the heroine gets married. Catherine thinks, now, that she should have noticed that. How marriage ends a woman's story.

What's left to say, after all? Mrs. Henry Tilney played the piano all afternoon while Mr. Tilney wrote his sermon.

Or, Mrs. Henry Tilney and her housekeeper examined the linens for moth holes.

Mrs. Henry Tilney could not walk in the rain in her delicate condition, so she embroidered until she thought she might go blind.

Mrs. Henry Tilney longed for a mysterious visitor or a glimpse of a ghost, but she did not get one.

The end.


I'm now taking a new request. The first commenter (whom I haven't previously written for in this round of ficlets) can name a fandom, a pairing or character(s), and a brief prompt. Guidelines and the list of fandoms I'm willing to write are here.

Tags: fic: 2008, fic: drabbles, fic: jane austen, ficlet project
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