when regiment is gone (kindkit) wrote,
when regiment is gone

a stylistic drabble

Because I know a challenge when I see one.

Title: Appropriate Usage
Fandom: American pedant RPF
Pairing: Strunk/White
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None needed
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: Although Strunk and White were real people, this is complete nonsense that doesn't remotely claim to be true.
Summary: The power of language.
Notes: This is every bit as silly as you'd expect for a drabble inspired by a cartoon. Don't blame me, blame XKCD.

"Oh, your cock," moaned Strunk. "Your big, beautiful, hard cock. I love feeling you thrust inside me, so slowly, so masterfully, so ardently and attentively -"

"Oxford comma!" cried White. It had long been their safeword. "How could you do that to me? You know how I feel about adjectives and adverbs."

"I'm awfully sorry, my dear." Strunk held White until his horrified shuddering ceased. "I got carried away. Let me make it up to you." He whispered in White's ear. "I want you. You're the only man whom I've ever wanted."

"Perfect," White murmured. "Talk to me just like that."

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Tags: fic: 2011, fic: drabbles, fic: strunk and white
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Heeeeeeeee. My favorite part is that their safeword is "Oxford comma."

Also, I'm reminded of an icon I made for a friend ages ago:

I heart that icon. And, thanks!


6 years ago

Suspended comment

Thank you!
Hee hee! The pedantically grammatical dirty talk is undeniably in character. No carefree abuse of the colon for those two...
You win!


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6 years ago


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6 years ago

*grins* Thanks!
This is why I love the internet. :)

(Making it even better is the fact that this drabble and the xkcd feed were separated by one whole post on my flist page.)
Whee! I had to write it, I really did.
*grins like a loon*
I love you. ♥
*is gleeful*
Ah, fandom. How wonderful thou art. :D
I half suspect that the XKCD guy had a bet on with somebody about how fast Rule 34 would happen.
This made my day.
*grins* Thank you!
LMAO The best way to start the day - Strunk/White slash.
Here via settiai, and you are awesome.
Thank you!
This is perfect.
Thanks so much.
This drabble is my new favorite example of Rule 34. Bravo!
Thank you!
Hee! This is brilliant.
I would say my favorite part is ______, but it would take much longer than the hundred words. So I shall just content myself to giggle. This was perfect.
I'm glad you liked it, thanks!
Simply fabulous.
Thank you!
Yay, I knew someone would write it - but that was perfect! Kudos!
HAHAHAHA! Strunk could Oxford comma me all day...
I'm glad you liked it, thanks!