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if you're me, every day is the international day of slash

Apparently it's the International Day of Slash. Plus, I've been getting writing anxiety that I want to try and get over. So, I'm taking slash drabble requests.

I'll write a drabble, or very short ficlet, for the first 5 (maybe more if it goes well) requests. You can ask for any pairing in any of my active fandoms: BtVS, Harry Potter, Hellblazer, X-Men (movieverse or, if it's a character I know, comics). I'll also take a shot at Firefly, BSG, Good Omens, and the Aubrey/Maturin novels if anybody feels like it.

ETA: Okay, requests are starting to come in. I'll just post the drabbles here.

Chas/John, for lord_dingsi

(In case it's not clear, this is set during the "Dangerous Habits" arc.)

That Fucking Prick John Constantine

Bastard. That fucking bastard prick, letting Chas shout at him like that and then pissing off. Leaving behind his fucking money and his fucking little note. What the fuck's that, after twenty-five years of friendship? That's not on.

Good riddance then. Chas can do without John Constantine. No more being errand boy and taxi service, no more of Renee's remarks and aggro either.

Better off without him, without this fucking shit, without this crying. Crying his fucking eyes out, forehead resting on the steering wheel and the note smashed in his hand, and he never even got to say goodbye.


Wesley/Giles ficlet, for executrix


"Hay fever," Wesley says, and "No, don't take the flowers away," and there's fuss and Giles looks uncomfortable and when is he going to learn to say thank you like a sensible person? I'm sorry is easy, he's had plenty of dressing-downs for practice, and his eyes stay dry. No, it's only when people are kind that he's such a damned fool.

Kindness is a strange, unnerving thing all around. Giles detested him when he was doing his job properly, bringing two undisciplined Slayers back into the Council fold. Now, when one's comatose and one's rebelled and Wesley's in hospital with an inglorious broken tailbone, here's Giles with African violets and compliments on his bravery.

Perhaps Giles can only like him now that he's failed.

Giles doesn't say anything about his tears. Giles sits at his bedside and they talk about motorbikes, and when Giles laughs, Wesley notices again that he's an awfully good-looking man.

He starts to blush, of course. No explaining this away as a bit of dust in his eye.

This will test the limits of Giles' kindness.

Which are broader, it seems, that Wesley imagined, because Giles lays four warm fingertips on the back of Wesley's hand and looks at him, faintly smiling.

And Wesley thinks that failure, like kindness, is a complicated thing.

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