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It's my birthday today. I am . . . 34. I was planning to save my midlife crisis for next year (35 is such a nice round number) but I kind of feel like having it now. I want a new tattoo and leather trousers and perhaps some part of my body pierced.

Of course, some would say that my recent obsession with Buffy and slash already spells "midlife crisis."

In other crises . . . I've been agonizing over a long Giles/Ethan fic that is going exactly nowhere. I can't bloody well get them to do anything interesting (except have sex, of course). Either they get all schmoopy on me, or they have stupid communication problems that could easily be resolved with a heart-to-heart talk. And my least favorite thing in slash is the "let's have a heart-to-heart talk" scene. I've threatened to abandon them and start writing Harry Potter slash instead, but they're still being damned uncooperative.

I did manage to write a Giles/Spike drabble over the weekend. Nothing much happens here either, but it's short.


Vampires are cold all through. They lust, they fuck, they kill, they feed, but love vanishes with the soul.

All Giles’ training insists on this. But then there are the things that he knows.

Spike smiles differently, secretly, for him. Reminisces with him about '70s pop groups. Leans into his touch. Sometimes even makes him a cup of tea.

Spike’s body warms from contact, during sex and afterwards, when they lie cradled together under the duvet. He could almost be human, then.

Giles holds Spike's warm body, his dead soulless body, and tries to span the gap between his knowledges.

And as for the latest little controversy: if you don't like slash, don't read it. But telling other people that they shouldn't write or read slash is homophobic.
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