when regiment is gone (kindkit) wrote,
when regiment is gone

Kit writes femslash!

This week's challenge at open_on_sunday was to write a genre, character or pairing you don't usually write. I've never written femslash, so . . .

Faith/Buffy, R, set during "Bad Girls"


B. dances like she slays, loose and easy in the hips. She moves like the trickle of sweat that glides down her collarbone and disappears into the shadow between her tits. Dances smooth and slick and sexy as worn leather, and why the hell did Faith think she was a priss?

They're sexy together. Guys stare. "Wanna give 'em a show?" Faith asks. Rests a hand on one rolling hip, draws B. closer, moves with her. Would she fuck like this, like dancing?

Closer, and lips brush, open.

And then B.'s gone, jumping into Angel's arms, and Faith's dancing alone.
Tags: fic: buffyverse, fic: drabbles
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