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sweet, not angsty

Unlike the vast majority of my recent fic, this is almost completely free of Giles-angst. In fact it's pretty damn schmoopy.

Written for the open_on_sunday challenge: food and/or eating.

"Truck Stop," Giles/Oz, PG, set between S1 and S2.

They've never dared go to a restaurant together. But they're a hundred miles from Sunnydale, heading for the mountains. They're free, mostly. And the restaurant's sign says "Homemade Apple Pie."

BLT, pie, and coffee for Giles; grilled cheese, pie, and milk for Oz. The waitress flirts with Giles and calls Oz "your son."

"Sorry," Giles says when she's gone.

"'S okay." Oz smiles over the rim of his glass, swallows down milk. Giles swallows too, watching him.

Reaching for forks, their fingers brush. Concealed behind the ketchup and mustard, they hold hands.

When they leave, they haven't eaten a bite.
Tags: fic: buffyverse, fic: drabbles
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