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Ficlet project: "Human" (Buffyverse, rated PG)

Title: Human
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character: Giles
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: It's a pleasure to look in the mirror.
Word count: 200
Written for: a2zmom, who asked for Giles and mirror(s). And also for the word "ripple," which I couldn't work in, I'm afraid.

It's a pleasure to look in a mirror and not see a Fyarl growling back at him. Giles has never loved his face so much. He dotes on its every wrinkle, not to mention its lack of horns. He adores his deft hands that clear away the mess in his flat and install a telephone without breaking it.

The first call on his new phone comes from Riley Finn, who informs him that "the prisoner" has been "rendered into appropriate custody." Further details, he's told, are classified.

Giles thinks for a while about that word "rendered" and about what appropriate custody might mean to a secret branch of the U.S. military. He thinks about the chip in Spike's brain, and about how much the demons fear the Initiative. About the whole sorry catalogue of atrocities that humans--humans with souls--have inflicted on each other for millennia in uncounted torture chambers.

And after all that thought, he discovers his own indifference. He doesn't much care what they're doing to Ethan. Ethan the liar, the troublemaker, the spanner in the universe's works, the stinking albatross around Giles's neck.

Ethan wanted to make him a monster.

Giles hopes he enjoys his victory.


I'm now taking a new request. The first commenter (by which I mean, the first commenter I haven't written for yet in this round of ficletting) can name a fandom, a pairing or character(s), and a brief prompt. Guidelines and the list of fandoms I'm willing to write in are here.

Tags: fic: 2008, fic: buffyverse, fic: drabbles, ficlet project
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