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master list of my fiction

This list includes all of my posted fanfiction, except for unfinished things and a few short pieces that I never even gave titles to. All my stories on LJ are also tagged; see the "fic" tags on my sidebar.

Within each category, stories are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top. I've included only the title and main characters here; see the header of each story for rating, any warnings, etc. Generally speaking, the first character listed is the POV character.

Please let me know if there are any problems with these links.

2013 Addendum: This post is no longer being updated. All of my newer stories and most of my old ones can be found at An Archive of Our Own, which has handy search features. They're also here on LJ and you can find them using my tags.

Blake's 7

Observations on the Intelligent Agent Paradigm (Zen, Avon)

Colourblind (Hal Mellanby)

Reconstruction (Travis)

Absent Friends (Vila, Avon)

Corruption (Avon/Blake)

And a Name (Anna)

Sugar Touch (Vila/Avon)

Simulacrum (Avon/Blake)

Execution (Avon)

Things That Happen in the Dark (Blake, Avon)

Completion (Avon/Blake)

Cookery and Other Pastimes (Blake/Avon)

Nothing Beside Remains (Avon and Blake, sort of)

Church Going (Blake)

Vocation (Jenna)

The Somewhat Happy Birthday (Vila/Gan)

Double Life (Blake)

Searching (Vila/Avon)

Happy Endings (Blake/Avon)

Adjustment (Avon)

What It Wasn't (Vila, Gan)

Fine Revolution (Blake)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series


Magnificat (Ethan)

Survival (Oz)

The Alchemist (Ethan/Giles)

While Time Serves (Oz/Giles)

The Next Generation (Buffy, Willow, Xander)

Human (Giles)

Mementos (Wes/Gunn)

Of Woe or Wonder (Giles/Ethan)

Still Life with Lovers (Ethan/Giles)

Holiday Spirit (Gunn, Cordelia, Wesley)

Words and Pictures (Oz, Giles)

Metamorphosis (Wesley/Gunn)

The Night Before (Giles/Oz)

Tempest-Tossed (Wesley/Spike)

Overcome (Wesley/Giles)

Flight (Giles)

Things I'm Learning About You (Giles/Oz)

Again (Ethan/Giles)

Haunts Me Night and Day (Five Non-Kisses) (Xander/Oz)

The Official "Willow's Ex-Boyfriends" Club, Membership 2 (Xander/Oz)

Threadbare (Giles/Oz)

Tradition (Oz/Giles)

Almost (Oz/OMC, Oz/Giles)

Ars Memoriae (Wesley/Gunn)

Sugar Rush (Xander/Oz)

Travel Broadens the Mind (Oz)

Doing Time (Faith)

Just Another California Summer (Giles)

Unaccommodated Man (Giles/Oz)

Arcana (Ethan, OC)

The Pains and Pleasures of Agricultural Labour (Giles/Ethan)

In the Business (Anya/Fred)

Wednesday Afternoon (Giles/Oz)

Fade Out (Gunn)

Far From Home (Doyle)

Holding the Baby (Wesley)

Missing (Giles/Devon)

Green Grass and Rainwater (Gunn)

The Purpose of Photographs

Wild Nights (Giles/Oz)

Singing and Other Nice Things (Oz/Giles)

The Wrong Ending (Giles/Oz)

Foreign Objects and Nearly Normal (Giles, Oz)

Dismantle the Sun (Giles/Oz)

Pyre (Ethan)

Words and Flesh (Giles/Oz)

Not Like the Movies (Oz/Giles)

Truck Stop (Giles/Oz)

Approximations (Giles/Oz)

Calluses and Scars (Giles/Oz)

Unmaking (Giles gen with some Giles/Oz)

A Game of Chess (Giles/Ethan)

Dancing (Faith/Buffy)

Things in Common, Things to Talk About, and Four at the Ritz (Good Omens crossover; Giles, Ethan, Aziraphale, and Crowley in various combinations)

Good Boy (Giles/Wesley)

Dear Boy (Giles/Oz)

What It Feels Like (Wesley/Gunn)

Packing Up (Giles/Oz)

Revenge (Giles/Spike)

Since the Last Time (Giles/Ethan)

Small Victories (Giles)

Closed System (Ethan)

A New World (Giles/Ethan)

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (Giles)

They That Mourn (Willow)

Perseverance (Giles/Oz)

No More Pencils, No More Books (Xander)

All Saints' Day (Giles/Ethan)

Hurt and Comfort (Xander/Giles)

Mercy (Giles/Christopher Marlowe)

In Control (Giles/Wesley)

The Scapegoat (Giles/Andrew)

January (Ethan/OMC, Ethan/Giles)

Warmth (Giles/Spike)

Linear B (Giles/Ethan)


It's Like Jazz. This is a long Giles/Oz series that was co-written with glossing as a sort of RPG--I wrote Giles and she wrote Oz. The link takes you to the community, and from there you can scroll down to the beginning (the first entry). There's also a list of associated Jazzverse stories.

With Your Crooked Heart is a Giles/Ethan series that begins post-"A New Man" and continues far into the future. Most of this series was written when I was very new to fanfic (in fact the first story is my first ever fanfic), so there's a definite beginner-ish vibe at times. But there are also some stories I'm quite proud of.
Going On
Oxford Revisited
A Quiet Life
The Dying of the Light


The Patrician's Servant (Drumknott, with implied Drumknott/Vetinari)

Perspective (Vimes, Vetinari)

Observer Effect (Vetinari/Drumknott)

Dragon (Sybil Ramkin)

Five Hogswatch Presents (various characters)

Until Dawn (Vetinari/Drumknott)

Midwinter (Drumknott/Vetinari)

Five Ways Sam Vimes Discovered What He Didn't Want to Know (Vimes, Vetinari/Drumknott)

Mr. Drumknott's Surprise (Vetinari, Drumknott)

Suspension (Vimes/Vetinari)

Someone's Dog (Vetinari, Wuffles)

(Let's Play) Master and Servant (Vetinari/Drumknott)

Dwarfs Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (Carrot/Angua)

Revolution Maybe (Vimes)

Doctor Who

Minor Nuisances (Jamie McCrimmon, Second Doctor)

Culloden (Jamie McCrimmon, Second Doctor)

Recognition (Jamie McCrimmon/Second Doctor)

Fraternisation (Yates/Brigadier)

Scarcity (Second Doctor/Jamie McCrimmon)

Absolute Zero (the Quantum Singularity Remix) (Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness)

Pleasure Principle (Third Doctor)

Twenty True Stories: A Translation from the Aja'ib (Fitz Kreiner/Eighth Doctor, Compassion, the Master)

Fitz and the Doctor Don't Go to the Moon (Fitz Kreiner/Eighth Doctor)

Clothes and the Man (Mike Yates)

Other Days (the Mandelbrot Remix) (Simm!Master, Jackson Lake)

And Change Their State (the Truth Will Out Remix) (Jackie Tyler)

Cosmology for Beginners (Fitz Kreiner/Eighth Doctor)

In a Green Shade (Harrison Chase)

Dreams and Memory (The Oneirology Remix) (Zoe Heriot, Jamie McCrimmon, Third Doctor)

Killing Time (Fitz Kreiner, Father Kreiner)

World Enough and Time (Third Doctor/Jamie, Second Doctor/Jamie)

Young Men Among Roses (Jack Harkness/Eighth Doctor)

Paleolinguistics (The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Remix) (the Master)

Untitled Second Doctor/Jamie mini fic

Audience (Fitz Kreiner, Anji Kapoor, Eighth Doctor)

Orbit (Jamie McCrimmon/Second Doctor)

due South

The Lieutenant (Welsh)

Waiting for the Weird (Kowalski/Fraser)

The Disappointment (Turnbull/Fraser unrequited, Fraser/Kowalski)

Five Confessions (Kowalski/Fraser)

All About the Hat (Kowalski/Fraser)

Perfection in the Work (Kowalski/Fraser)

An Incident Along a Poorly Guarded Border (Kowalski/Fraser)

Harry Potter

Five Rooms Remus and Sirius Have Kissed In (Remus/Sirius)

Dudley Dursley and the Hogwarts Letter (The Top of the Pops Remix) (Dudley, Lily, James, Harry)

Escapees (Remus/Sirius)

Mors Mortis (ensemble gen with some Remus/Sirius)

Wouldn't Be Make Believe (The Mirror, Mirror Remix) (OC, Remus/Sirius)

Returns (Remus/Sirius)

One More Last Time (Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks)

Substitutions (Remus/Tonks, Remus/Sirius)

Simon Pegg and/or Nick Frost fandoms

Hot Fuzz

Pruning (Frank Butterman)

Four Movie Nights and a Drink at the Pub (Danny/Nicholas)


Morale (Henderson, York)

The Dark Tea Break of the Soul (Vine, Jeffers)


Proxy (Tim/Mike)


Best Man (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost)


On a Darkling Plain (Tintin/Haddock)

An Engagement Present (Bianca Castafiore, Tintin/Haddock)

Make and Mend (Haddock, with implied Haddock/Tintin UST)

Solo Ascent (Tintin, with implied Tintin/Haddock)

The Fly in the Ointment (Milou, Tintin/Haddock)

Drink Me (Haddock, with implied Haddock/Tintin UST)

Top Gear RPF

Obsolescence (James, Richard)

Workmanship (James May/Sim Oakley)

Loyalties (James-POV ensemble gen)

Five Times James Made an Effort, and One Time He Didn't Have To (James/OFC, James/Richard, James/Sarah, James/Oz Clarke)

Seventeen Days a Year (James/Richard, background James/Sarah and Richard/Mindy)

Terra Incognita (James May/Richard Hammond)

The Last English Explorers Go Home (Richard Hammond, James May)


Living Dead (Owen)

Untitled Jack/Ianto mini-fic

Breaking (Jack/Ianto)

A Cyborg Manifesto (Ianto/Jack, Ianto/Lisa)

And the Beast (Jack/Ianto)

X-Men Universe


Restless (Rictor/Jamie Madrox)

Narcissus (Jamie Madrox/Jamie Madrox)

X-Men: First Class

Mutation (Raven)

Self Defense (One Black Man, Two White Men, One Jew, Two Homosexuals, and Three Mutants in a Taxi) (Darwin, Charles, Erik)

The Fortress (Raven, Erik)

After the War, Before the War (Erik)

Declarations (Charles, Erik)

Mutant and Proud (Hank McCoy)

Movieverse (X1-3)

Prince and Pauper (Erik/Charles)

Afraid of All My Sorrows (Erik Lehnsherr, Scott Summers)

What's Left (Logan/Scott)

Signal to Noise (Scott/Logan, Scott/Jean)

The Trouble (Scott/Logan)

The Death of Arthur (Erik Lehnsherr)

Ultimate X-Men

A Dish Best Served Raw (Scott, Logan)

Other Fandoms

Aubrey and Maturin

Purgation (Stephen)

A Naturalist At Sea (Stephen, Jack)

Jane Austen

Epilogue (Northanger Abbey; Catherine)

Bas Lag (China Miéville)

Elements (Tanner Sack/Shekel)

Raymond Chandler

Mexico City (The Long Goodbye, Philip Marlowe/Terry Lennox)


Arts of Escapology (Pat Grant, various slash pairings)


Accounting For Taste (Warrick/Nick)

Scene of the Crime (Warrick/Nick)

This Is a Thought Experiment (Warrick/Nick)

Dalziel and Pascoe novels (Reginald Hill)

Aubade (Wield/Pascoe)

At the Wedding (Wield, Ellie/Peter, Dalziel)

A Word For It (Digweed/Wield)

Just Once (Wield, Pascoe)

The Garden (Wield/Digweed, Pascoe)

Doug Anthony All Stars RPF and FPF (DAAS Kapital)

Clamouring To Touch My Fingertips (RPF; Tim, Paul)

Performance (RPF; Richard, implied Tim/Paul)


In the House of Dust (Gilgamesh/Enkidu)

Good Omens (Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett)

Creation (the Cooking for Two Remix) (Aziraphale, Crowley)

Three linked drabbles (Buffyverse crossover; Aziraphale, Crowley, Giles, Ethan)


That Fucking Prick John Constantine (Chas)

The Old Town It Was Chill (Davy/John)


In Vino, Fraternitas (Nathan/Peter)

John Le Carré

Hours and Times (Jim Prideaux/Bill Haydon)

Guardian (The Honourable Schoolboy; Fawn, Peter Guillam)


Advice for the Love-Lorn (Lewis/Hathaway)

Life on Mars

Favouritism (Gene Hunt & Sam Tyler)

Maurice (E. M. Forster)

The Home Front (Alec/Maurice, Clive)


Kingship (Arthur/Uther)


Mending (Christian/Sean)

Paradise Lost (John Milton)

Mortal Taste (Paradise Lost; Eve, Cain)

Point of Hopes/Point of Dreams (Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett)

Cusp (Nicholas Rathe/Philip Eslingen)

Better Hemispheres (Nicolas Rathe/Philip Eslingen)

Five Things Nico and Philip Have Done at Midnight (Nicolas Rathe/Philip Eslingen)

The Professionals

Sticks and Stones (Jax, Bodie/Doyle)

Duty (original character)

Raffles (E. W. Hornung)

Safecracker (Bunny/Raffles)

Mary Renault

Undressing (The Charioteer; Laurie/Ralph)

The Boy (Alexander novels; Hephaistion/Alexander, Alexander/Bagoas)


Untitled (Vorenus/Pullo)

Hope (Pullo/Vorenus)

What She Thinks About (Eirene)

RPF (miscellaneous fandoms)

Appropriate Usage (Strunk/White)

The Lunatic, The Lover, and the Poet (Christopher Marlowe/William Shakespeare)

Deconstruction (QI; Alan Davies/Stephen Fry)


Personality Assessment (Henry)

The Others (the Big Guy)

Near Death Experiences (Henry/Big Guy)

Sandman (Neil Gaiman)

Liminal (Hob Gadling, Death)

William Shakespeare

To His Image Did I Devotion (Twelfth Night, Antonio/Sebastian)

The King of Athens (A Midsummer Night's Dream; Theseus)

Star Trek (TOS)

The Nothing That Is (Leonard McCoy)

Certainty (Leonard McCoy)

Star Trek (reboot)

Uncanny (Kirk/Spock Prime, sort of; Kirk Prime/Spock Prime implied)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Mutability (Kira/Odo)

The Friend of My Friend (Miles O'Brien)

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

A New Era (Terry/Bob)

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