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something queer going on

when regiment is gone
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This is primarily a fandom and fanfiction journal. I'm highly multifannish, the point where it's hard to keep the list up to date; my current favorites include Tintin and Colditz. Some of my other fannish interests, past and present, are Aubrey and Maturin, Blake's 7, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Raymond Chandler's novels, Discworld, Doctor Who (classic and new series), the Doug Anthony All Stars, due South, Harry Potter, Hellblazer, Reginald Hill's Dalziel and Pascoe novels, Hot Fuzz and other Simon Pegg and/or Nick Frost fandoms, John Le Carré's novels, The Professionals, Mary Renault's novels, Rome, Sanctuary, Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek TOS, Torchwood, Warehouse 13, the X-Men movieverse, and too many books and movies to list here, especially ones with gay male characters. You can use my tags to find fic and/or discussion; I also have a masterlist of my fanfiction.

This journal also makes occasional forays into politics and other non-fannish topics. I don't post much personal stuff, but in case you're curious, I am:

1) a fanfiction writer since May 2003

2) a fan of m/m slash, although I also like a bit of good gen now and then

3) a trans man slowly learning to accept myself as such

4) a bookish and sometimes literary sort, although I find science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels more interesting than most contemporary "literary" fiction

5) a former academic, currently experiencing the economic downturn from entirely too close a vantage point

6) an Anglophile, but in the "I love English literature, films, and television" sense rather than the "I love the royal family" sense

7) a cynic, a misanthrope and a romantic, in varying and unpredictable proportions depending on my mood

My username, if you were wondering, has nothing to do with John Constantine's girlfriend Kit or Dawn Summers's friend Kit. Instead, pretentiously enough, it comes from a nickname given to the playwright Christopher Marlowe. He was notoriously sharp-tongued and ill-tempered, so his (few) friends called him "kind Kit."

If you like my writing, please go ahead and friend me. There's no need to ask first. However, I don't automatically friend back--I consider the "friendslist" to be a reading list, so the people I add are those who write fanfic or analysis that I especially enjoy. I seldom friend journals that are mostly personal, focus on fandoms that don't interest me, or post a lot of quizzes and such. But even if I don't add you to my reading list, I'm delighted that you want to read my stories (and I never friendslock stories, so you're not missing anything).

Also, I love comments, especially on fic. If you liked it, I'd love for you to tell me so. And if you didn't like it, tell me why. Constructive criticism is welcome here.
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